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Your Symptoms

When you are hurting the thought of getting adjusted can be scary. This page was designed to help patients that are new to chiropractic care to take a no pressure look at what their treatment might be. We have addressed common symptoms with the typical treatment for each issue. Your actual treatment may vary per the doctors' discretion based on your specific needs and symptomatology. These are general answers to commonly asked questions, as always these answers are not intended to treat or diagnose any symptoms, diseases or health issues. 




When you are suffering from a headache it is your body's way of telling you that something is wrong! Whether that be dehydration, stress, or even whiplash; when it comes to headaches more often than not a subluxation (misalignment of the vertebrae) is the primary culprit. Dr. McFarland provides a gentle adjustment to the specific vertebrae (usually upper cervical spine) that is putting pressure on the nerve. By moving the vertebrae back to the correct anatomical position the pinching on the nerve is released thus allowing the body to return back to its proper functioning state.  For more information regarding headaches and migraines please visit Dr. McFarland's blog:


Low Back Pain (Lumbago)


Most Americans will suffer from low back pain at some point in their life. Sadly, most try to push through the pain by using over the counter pain killers, muscle relaxers, and prescription drugs; this addresses the symptom (pain) but not the cause of the pain. You may have heard someone say, "I threw my back out." This term can be taken very literally when you are suffering from back or hip pain that you have a subluxation somewhere in the lumbar portion of your spine or hips that has been thrown out of proper positioning. Dr. McFarland will locate the area that is causing the pain (please note that where you are feeling pain and the area that is causing the pain may be different) and provide chiropractic adjustment either using an adjusting instrument or side posture technique to mobilize and correct the positioning or the said area. For more information about low back pain please visit Dr. McFarland's blog at: 


 Neck Pain


 If you are suffering from neck pain you may be having trouble sleeping, turning your head, or even numbness in the arms in hands to name a few problems. When you suffer from restricted range of motion in your neck it is likely due to a nerve root that is receiving unwanted pressure from a portion of the cervical spine. Your body's response is to tighten the muscles in order to immobilize the area to prevent further damage to the nerve root.  Dr. McFarland can use non force adjusting techniques to gently move the misaligned portion of the spine back into its proper place thus relieving the pressure on the nerve. After the pressure that is on the nerve root is released your body will gradually loosen the tense muscles and you will begin to experience increased range of motion (ROM). Again there is a wealth of knowledge for you located on Dr. McFarland's blog at:


Symptoms Continued

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


When you are experiencing pain in your hands and wrists you can find it difficult to do much of anything! Carpal Tunnel is unique in that we often find that there is other health issues that exacerbate (worsen) the condition. Dr. McFarland is a firm believer in treating the patient and not chasing symptoms and will help the patient identify the cause of the pain. Often patients that suffer from symptoms that are reflexive to that of CTS are in fact suffering from pinched nerves and blood supply. The carpal tunnel is just as it sounds a tunnel that allows nerves and blood supply into the hand; if this tunnel becomes narrowed or slightly pinched pressure on those essential nerves and veins will cause pain, a pins and needles sensation, or even numbness. Dr. McFarland can use chiropractic care to reduce the pressure on the carpal tunnel to help alleviate those painful and annoying symptoms.  For more information on carpal tunnel visit:




If you have recently suffered a whiplash injury you are most likely in a large amount of pain. Whiplash if left untreated can have long term damaging effects included arthritis and degenerative disc disease. Whiplash injuries cause a large amount of trauma to the spine and unfortunately can take some time to repair. Luckily for you if you are an insured motorist your treatment could be covered 100% by your active claim! Whiplash injuries take some time to repair; this is namely due to the fact that the amount of force placed on the spine in an auto accident could not be reversed in one session of chiropractic care. Treatment for whiplash is a process of minor and frequent adjustments that are designed to be gentle to the damaged tissue and spine; little by little Dr. McFarland will coax the body's subluxations back to the proper position. The chiropractic treatment is often coupled with massage therapy. Each massage session is specifically designed to relax and repair the damage caused by whiplash. Our therapist sees and treats patients that suffer from this injury often; they understand the necessity of being gentle and listening to the tolerances of the patient. For more information about chiropractic care and your whiplash injury visit:


Fibromyalgia (FM)


It seems that more and more Americans are suffering from dread diagnosis of fibromyalgia. Those that suffer from will experience negative health effects to which there are few solutions, but there is good news! Patients of Dr. McFarland that suffer from FM have noted a marked improvement in their pain levels after receiving treatment. If you are tired of simply tolerating the pain on a day to day basis it's time to consider getting chiropractic care from Dr. McFarland.  Visit Dr. McFarland's blog for more information: 

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