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FUNCTION:       The natural or proper action for which a person, mechanism or organ is fitted or employed.


The nervous system is the master controller of all body functions.  Health is only possible when all the organs and tissues of the body are functioning properly.  A loss of health can therefore only take place as the result of a loss of function.  If the stomach is not functioning properly one can develop bloating, indigestion, ulcers, or even cancer.  If the intestines are not functioning properly one can develop constipation, diarrhea, and numerous other ailments or diseases.  A bone breaks and it has lost its normal function.


One can see from the above examples that without normal function one loses health and only if normal function is restored can we truly say someone has completely regained one's health.  According to Gray's Anatomy, the basic textbook for all healing arts, the nervous system has the job of controlling the function of all organs and tissues in your body.


It is important to recognize the fact that when function is partially lost symptoms may not develop for days, weeks, months or years later.  If the heart lost 25% of its ability to function it might be years before the first chest pain or high blood pressure occurred.  If the heart gradually lost its function over time, the first symptom could be a fatal heart attack.


Illnesses fall into one of three categories.  The first is traumatic.  Trauma can by physical or chemical in nature.  Physical trauma results in breaks, cuts, hemorrhaging and resultant loss of function.  Chemical trauma would occur if your body came in contact by ingesting, breathing, or touching a substance that altered normal function.  Persons who lose their health via trauma usually find their way to an emergency room.


The second and more prevalent manner in which illness develops is via a body being receptive to infection.  To get an infection one's body must be receptive. Only if one's resistance is down does one get sick.  Only if a body does not function normally does one lose one's resistance and thus invite such infections as a cold, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.  If having proper function would prevent an infection, then restoring proper function would be a major factor in getting rid of infection. 


The third and increasingly prevalent category of illness is called functional.  It is the direct loss of function to an organ or tissue resulting not in infection but rather simply functional loss.  A partial list of functional ailments would include asthma, ulcers, colitis, arthritis, psoriasis, diabetes, etc.  These conditions are considered incurable by some physicians but may respond favorably to treatment oriented to restore normal function.


Chiropractors have as their major therapeutic method, the restoration of normal bodily function.  They do this by removing interference to the master controller of every body function, the nervous system.  Chiropractic, first of all, gets results by allowing the body to get back to its highest state of resistance so that it can better repel infection.  Second, Chiropractic works with functional disorder by attempting to increase function to the organ or tissues involved.  They do this by removing the principle cause of functional loss, interference to the nervous system.    Third, Chiropractic works with those in a trauma by restoring normal structural alignment and increasing one's resistance to future complications.

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