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Are you suffering from pain? Were you recently injured in an auto accident or everyday activity? Or have you (like many Americans) been suffering from aches and pains that you have been living with for years? At McFarland Chiropractic we have what you need to put the balance back in your favor. Stop hurting and start doing something about it! Call (541) 516-8300 NOW!

​You can be assured - we have a commitment to excellence when it comes to the level of care we provide.

Chiropractic Care

Dr. McFarland provides area specific adjustments that are designed to be effective and gentle. Many patients that have had experience with other chiropractors are amazed at how gentle and effective the care they receive is.


We use manual manipulation, adjusting instruments, and low force techniques to give our patients the best treatment possible.

Massage Therapy

At McFarland Chiropractic you can receive a massage from a skilled therapist in a wonderful and relaxing environment. Our therapist specialize in treating patients that have suffered from auto accidents and work injuries but offer massage therapeutic and relaxing sessions as well. We offer 2 hour, 1 hour, and 30 minute sessions.


Did you know that massage could be covered by your insurance?! Call and ask us about it (541) 516-8300


Dr. McFarland has spent decades studying about health and nutrition, you may have noticed our new clinic #antiagingclinic #youngerlonger, here Dr. McFarland bases all of his recommendations off of your blood! When was the last time you had a comprehensive blood panel? Stop wasting money and get tested to know what vitamins you really need to be taking


Whole Body Vibration

Get The Benefits Of A 1 Hour Workout In Just 10 Minutes!

Whole body vibration enhances quality of life and brings wellness to almost anyone of almost any age in almost any physical condition.

Whole Body Vibration has also been found to:

 Help Prevent and Treat

  • Osteoporosis

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Prevent and Treat Incontinence in as little as 6 weeks

  • Treat Peripheral Neuropathy in 6 - 8 weeks

  • Weight Loss

  • Treat Depression

  • Treat Parkinson's Disease

  • And much more...

Guest Speaking

Do you have an upcoming event and are looking for a key note speaker to lecture about the importance of health?


Dr. McFarland has been a guest speaker on many radio talk shows and has even debated with governmental officials on live radio regarding mainstream healthcare vs. chiropractic/natural philosophy.


His knowledge about proper nutrition, chiropractic, and the human mind is sure to captivate and inspire any audience.



Computerized spinal examination through Surface sEMG is used to measure relative levels of electrical activity generated when muscles contract.  This measurement provides you, the patient, with valuable information regarding muscle tension as a feedback mechanism within the body.  This measured data is an objective tool which can help you determine areas of excess muscle activity.

Clinic Coaching

Dr. McFarland's success as a chiropractic physician does not stop with the premier level care that he provides to his patients; his experience and success in private practice and has proven to be a wealth of knowledge for upcoming chiropractors.


If you are a DC looking for the competitive edge in your market contact Dr. McFarland and ask him about becoming your clinic coach to help you on the road to success as a Chiropractor.   


Health Classes

At McFarland Chiropractic you can be sure to discover new and exciting information with almost every visit. Dr. McFarland puts forth great effort to keep his patients in the know with the latest and greatest health information. Dr. McFarland also offers health classes that discuss a wide variety of topics ranging from work place ergonomics and proper lifting form to nutritional and supplement lectures. 

Athlete Training

Many of us know that speed, strength, and flexibility are the three pillars of fitness.


Dr. McFarland has spent many years researching and studying how to achieve greater levels of athletic performance from the human body. His customers include several division one collegiate athletes and even a high school football team.


If you are a coach and are looking for a competitive edge over the next team you need to contact Dr. McFarland. His program is designed to increase fast twitch muscle fibers and core strength while maintaining flexibility.  

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